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Experience the Amazing Great Migration, Join Chimpanzee Safari, and Enjoy a Safari and Beach Holiday

An Amazing Safari Experience with African Overland

Africa is often associated with safari, African Overland has unrivaled credentials and expertise when it comes to organizing an African Safari. The immense expanse of the African continent and its complement of paradise islands offer a great deal more thrilling adventures that entice you with luxury beyond your wildest dreams.


Tanzania Safari Experiences

These are some of the best and most popular Tanzania safari experiences. If you are planning for a Tanzania adventure, you should consider one of these adventures. 

Why Choose
African Overland


Best Safari Guides

All our safari guides have more than 10 years of experience in African Wildlife Safaris.


Unlimited Safari Mileage

Our safari options are not limited. We always listen and care about your wishlist.


Experienced Safari Guide

Planning a safari can be a headache. Our staff can help you to plan for the be safari itinerary.


Quality Services

Expect the best service. We always provide a value for money for your safari experience.


We would recommend African Overland…

We had a fantastic experience with African Overland and our trip. In terms of logistics, everything worked out perfectly well, before as well as during the trip. All the recommendations and suggestions we received turned out to be to the point. We loved the two lodges were we stayed as well as the national parks. Closing a week of safari with a few days in Zanzibar turned also out to be the right decision. I would recommend this safari company to every traveler. All in all a great holiday! We would recommend African Overland to any friends planning the same thing.

Celemente P.


We would recommend African Overland…

We had an absolute best. It was a fantastic trip and though we booked the safari in the last minute, we got the best! We saw the BIG FIVE and took great pictures. Our guide Kimani was very brilliant and knowledgeable, very flexible as well! Recommend African overland Safaris without any reservations to all future guests and hope they ask for African Overland safaris!

Paul M.

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